Determine Curve Length at Angle PolyCurve

I have a series of polycurves that form angles. The angles and orientation vary.

I am trying to determine at which point the distance (or draw a line) between the top and bottom cords of the angle equals a specific length.

Angles.3dm (65.2 KB)

I don’t have Rhino 7, cannot open it.

Would placing horizontal plane at desired height from bottom line and finding Line|Plane intersection with upper line give you the point you are looking for?
You can later find the curve closest point on the bottom line and connect 2 points…

AnglesR6.3dm (65.2 KB)

I think what you are saying is what I have been trying. The problem is I dont know how far to offset the horizontal plane to achieve the specific distance I am looking for. I included a diagram to illustrate it.

Basically I want at 2" line at every angle. Since the angles vary… the point at which it is 2" from the top and bottom occus at a different location from the vertex of the angle

A little math (29.2 KB)

Thanks a lot, much appreciated

Is there a way to modify this so that the line segment is perpendicular to the top line of the angle?

Use the same method , but now you need to use a right triangle
To draw the circles we need the hypotenuse H
m/H = cos(a) => H = m/cos(a) (m = 2")
Using H as radius draw the circles and find the intersections with top lines
Use the intersection points to find the closest points to the bottom lines (50.2 KB)