Punch hole in surface based on another surface



I got 2 lists.

List A: represents walls
List B: represent openings

Question: I would like to make ‘openings’ in the surfaces of list A, based on the surface B.
(punching holes in surfaces list A)

Any suggestions?

2021-11-08 punch hole in surface with another surface.gh (33.2 KB)


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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Thanks again for helping!
unfortunately I ran into another ‘challenge’. :wink:
I noticed that when there are openings present on surfaces which are not fully connected to each other the Rdiff component does not work. (probably because this component wants all surfaces into 1 plane).

Do you have any suggestions on how to overcome or have a workaround?

2021-11-08 punch hole in surface with another surface_Re.gh (12.2 KB)

Tanks again!

Ohh, hello again! I hope this time they finally will hire you xdd

Ahh haha thanks again!

Unfortunately I only have Rhino 6 - meaning I dont have the ‘clash’ component :frowning:

Do you know a workaround?
Thanks again very much! :slight_smile:

okay okay

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Thanks! :+1: :+1:

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