Detailed drawing

Is these types of drawings are created using rhino and grasshopper or else something else if grasshopper and rhino how it is made

Could be everything. Could be sketchup or whatever. If you would need to do this I would create the rhino 3D geometry and render it with vray using toon materials.

Looks like he does it in Digital Project (Catia)

But when i contact a sci arc he said we use only rhino and grasshopper to create this is it possible to create hollow tubular frames,etc like this

Unless there is significant post-processing going on, those are blurry reflections on some of those shapes. That to me says VRay or Cycles, both of which are controllable from within GH.

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Might be Revit BIM

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To me, there is a combination of arctic and ghosted modes (various Dispaly Shades applied). I use it quite often and it gives great results.

My bad, i thought he was referring to Digital Project, not a digital project.

Another example is this these components are modeled in rhino or some thing like plugin available to do this. Like batt insulation,joinery,connection,fasteners,structure I beam clamps etc…