Rhino vs. Grasshopper for 3d printing

I am a professional furniture designer working in metal. I have my own shop. http://frantaubmanstudio.com
I am interested in a 3d ceramic or clay printer. I am currently developing some forms, and researching forms that I see that are interesting to me. Is the below form developed in Grasshopper or Rhino?

Grasshopper is a tool that is part of Rhino.

That particular shape could fairly easily be modeled with Rhino surfacing tools or using Grasshopper.

Beautiful portfolio! As John Said. Grasshopper is a part of Rhino . You can use either tool and you can explore more venues to creativity by combining them together.

Thanks re: Portfolio. This is the training video which I think will help me attain the Vase image that I posted. What do you think? Do you have any other training videos to recommend for this type of twist and geometry?

Grasshopper is much better especially if you want to generate hundreds of variants.

Thanks so the video I posted is a good one to learn that twisted Geometry. June Lee seems to have a lot of training videos on this this twist pattern geometry.