Dimentional drawings for 3d structures- Grasshopper


Iam starting my thesis about creating from 3d grasshopper outputs a 2d drawings (same as autocad). Also i need to have a solution about for example if we have a curved wall brep. How can i create a dimensional drawing so that it shows the whole wall elements(regardless about view direction).

Any Hints would be an big help to me !! :slight_smile:

it’s better if you use archicad and grasshopper to create 3d and wall details

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If you want to stay within Rhino: VisualArq
It has his own grasshopper components.

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does visual arq work or create section views for 3d models or components that doesnt belong to visual arq ?
Thanks btw and iam checking it

Yes it does: you are able to control the section (linetype, hatch etc.) with section attributes for all rhino and Visualarq objects. More info: https://www.visualarq.com/features/documentation-tools/