"Detail On" Lightbulb Malfunction

In a layout, I make a detail and set a few layers’ “Detail On” lightbulb to be visible in that specific detail.

I drag and tap alt to make a copy of the detail. Both details go blank (no visible geometry) and all the “Detail On” bulbs in both details are now half lit.

Is this intended functionality or something wrong with my system? All the work I do to set visibility is lost when duplicating views.

Thank you for reviewing.

EDIT: I was turning on sublayers to visible without setting the parent layer to visible, but the detail was allowing me to do this. I think this needs to be fixed - Rhino should not allow you to “Detail On” sublayers without the parent layer being on as well. It should function the same way normal layer visibility works.

R6 Windows 10 , GTX 1070TI

Hello - I see this, thanks for the report.


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