Zebra Visualize

why does the zebra look so much jigsaw and band? the surface is build from rather simple curve. maybe it is about tolerance issue?

it look bad even for a planarsrf

Master Site 2.0 - Copy.3dm (15.6 MB)

btw because my original file is bigger than 20MB, this is a file selected save small and save geometry only. im not sure does it affect reviewing the problem

Hi @jackhui328
You are some 1100+ km’s away from origin (0,0,0) and working in meters, and that distance causes a lot of problems with the display. Due to the nature of floating point calculations, there is only a finite number of digits available, and if Rhino uses most of the available digits just “getting there” (in relation to 0,0,0), there simply isn’t enough digits left to be precise - to put it in a simple way. Move the whole thing closer to the origin, and it should work.

HTH, Jakob

yeah, that works. thanks bro.

hi i come up some new problem. I found that when the surface direction is different, the backface of the surface will appear dimmer in light, the alignment of the zebra is pretty good though.

Here is my question

  1. what is the normal of a surface really for?
  2. is it better for all normal of surface pointed to the same dir?
  3. does it affect the smoothness or curvature?
  4. how can i have surface with the same normal direction? as i dont want to change them one by one