Desktop recommendations for heavy files, professional use as fast as possible

Hi There!

I am a self employed industrial designer, creating often pretty heavy files in rhino. Apart from that, I am using Grashopper, Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign. I am working on a dell precision M4500 now and it is just too slow. Now I want to build a windows desktop with a friend and I am looking to get it as fast as possible for rhino. Since time is money for me, it is crucial to get the fastest possible for heavy files. So that there is no wait for fillet edges or other stuff anymore. Can anyone recommend me what to use? Thank you!

Is there a definition of “heavy” from your point of view. How big (mb/gb)? What´s the reason for the file size?

motherboard supporting 8th generation motherboard for sure. I think previous ones don’t have support even though cpu might fit.
Other is a good cooling so cpu and gpu can work like it should.
I think searching through of building gaming pc
might give more hints.

adding comments… M4500seems quite old… I think 7th gen i7s and at least 16GB with SSD’s maybe meeting your needs. Maybe Min Geforce 1060/1070 for rendering with cycles.

If you are in the US contact Pudget systems they built me a desktop that was right up my alley, a super machine.

All my best … Danny

Have you tried the V6 WIP? A lot of work has been put into performance for both Rhino and Grasshopper.

unfortunately, I am in Germany. Can you maybe look up the specs you have? That would be amazing and very helpful…
Thank you!

No - i haven´t. How can i get it?

Check out this monster PC. =)

Please see the link at the top of this web page that reads.
Rhino WIP (Work-In-Progress) for Windows is now available in Serengeti…

With this usage profile I would advice not to go too crazy in terms of processors and video cards. You could spend a fortune but this very likely wouldn’t give you a machine that totally eliminates waiting times when performing very taxing operations inside Rhino.

Expensive processors often have many processing cores, but calculations for most typical CAD operations can not simply get split up to several cores. That means one core is working, while possibly 7 or more other cores are sitting idle. You therefore should look for a processor which performs fast on just one core. Also in terms of Video cards you should be fine with a good gaming card.

I use all the programs you mention but I also render (which is one of the few tasks which profit greatly from multicore-processing) and still feel feel well provided with my one year old I7 6850K, Geforce 1070, 32 GB RAM Desktop setup.