Computer system for Rhino

So I’ve decided that Rhino is the software for me. Does anyone have recommendations for PC systems, graphics card etc. to get the most out of the software?

There is a CPU and GPU test that will be ready in a week or soon… It is developed by Holo (look further down the list of posts under Rhino for windows) and you will see ones that contain “holomark2” in there topic… read them

By testing your own current computer, you will be able to see in comparison what areas you can improve in your next build or purchase, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get great results.

A few things to note:
-Rhino only needs a one processor motherboard (there is no advantage to two processors)
-There is an advantage to faster processors
-The most expensive Graphic Card will not always get the best results
-Some of the Graphic Cards have AA issues.

You will see some comparisons in the “HoloMark2” postings

Best Regards, Greg

This might be a little misleading. AFAIK:
Many geometric operations in Rhino can only use one processor. ( so a dual- or quad-core processor will still only use one core.) These are operations that cannot be done simultaneously.
So for now if you are planning to do mainly modeling and do not care much about rendering; animation and running multiple programs at once, you are best with a processor with maximum speed per core. I suspect however that in V6 and future versions, Rhino will make use of more cores at once for geometric operations.

However currently already; rendering in Rhino (not the rendering of a viewport; but rendering via the Render command) is done with all available processors. So if you render with a multi-core, almost all of those cores can be used to their maximum.


Another consideration is that with multiple cores, even if Rhino is not using them all, it does allow the machine to use other applications even if Rhino is busy, and stay relatively quick and responsive.


imo, the 6core cpus are the best all-arounders for 3D modeling and the types of apps that generally will be used in conjunction with a modeler… (assuming you’ll be doing some rendering/multitasking)…

the xeons are going to be much better at holding their turbo speeds in single core processes than an i7…

they aren’t really that expensive comparatively but then again, you haven’t listed a ballpark budget range.

Hi Nate,
My experience has been that the type of drive has made the biggest difference in performance on my machine.

Not so much with normal Rhino functions but more with my plugins (Rhino Emboss, Rhino Gold, Clayoo) changing from a HDD to SSD made things work faster.

I removed my optical drive from my computer, put the HDD there as a storage and installed the SSD. I place all my apps and working documents on the SSD to make use of the faster read and write times.

From memory there were some speed options when it comes to buying the SSD as well so do some homework to get the best drive for you if you decide to go that way.

Just released Holomark2 ReleaseCandidate 1 now, in it’s own thread.
And send me the scores and I’ll update the list.

Have fun.