Design Option Error Collecting Elements

I updated to Version 1.2.7955.32919 and I am getting an error when trying to query the elements in the main model. The error is “RevitAPI: The view template cannot be used to get bounding box.” I started with no limit on the filter and noticed the error. I then attempted to use additional filters to limit the number of elements but have found that at 2150 elements the error begin to show. I am currently using Revit 2022.1. Thoughts?

Seems like its collecting a particular type that is causing an error. Perhaps add an additional filter to combine with the Design Option Filter to narrow down which element type/category is causing the issue.

I added some additional filters to investigate a bit further. Added a CategoryType Filter and determined that it was an Model Element. I then created a multi-category Schedule in Revit to see which Model Categories are being used. I then Filtered by each model category present in the model. The error did not occur. Using the Model Category Filter will work for my workflow. I have not had time to check each Model Category to see which one might be causing it. Unless you have quick way of checking other than one by one. Very odd to me that it would be an element that has not been placed into the Model. And I only say that because prior to the update it was not an issue.

can you show the error? it might have the elementID

Once the error happens the Query Elements stops collecting data.

When I push the index up to to where the error happens it does appear to be looking at view elements.

The error does appear to be be related to a view.

Can you add this filter to see if it’s an element owned by a view template and let us know the result? Thanks

A list with 13523 items.

Please see next Tuesdays 11.09.21 release of 1.3 for the fix. Thanks for reporting.

Will do. Thanks for investigating with me.