Design of Rhino Help

right… i know about the fn key and the system pref which reverses the behavior (F keys work as F keys and you have to use the fn key to use the volumes/pause/expose features printed on the F keys)…

i guess the problem is most (by far?) mac users are using the F keys as the defualt setting and that using the fn key is a two handed operation for many of the keys (unless you have a seriously big hand :wink: )

i’m a keyboard guy too and generally only use icons for less used tools… but for me personally (and this goes for all apps) i always use keystrokes which don’t involve F keys… and very few applications (i know photoshop has a few) will have settings tied to F keys.

anyways… i didn’t mean to say F keys are simply non-existent on mac… just that nobody (in general) uses them- developers or users… they’re way more used as the osx defaults of hardware and OS controls

Feature request: a DUPLICATE LAYER command or menu option.

I use this all the time in Adobe Illustrator when i’m working on iterative designs, and it’s a real time saver vs. creating a new layer and then copying-and-pasting elements into it (or using the CopyToLayer command).

Oh, and another thing i’d love to see is if you select a layer then right-click on it and choose “Select objects in layer”, i’d love to have it ALSO select any objects that might be in sub-layers nested beneath the selected one.

I often use layers to keep elements grouped together and named (another Illustrator behaviour i’ve made tremendous use of over the years) and this just helps keep my files (hopefully) a little more organized.

This is already in Windows Rhino as a right-click option on the layer in the layers panel. I didn’t see it on the Mac, I suppose it will get there eventually…

Also in already Windows Rhino same as above…


The problem I sometimes have is not knowing how to name the problem. A help system is not useful unless the problem can be defined. For instance, I recently had to delete my plist in my system folder and all my aliases and pre-sets disappeared. Now there is a pesky small dark gray box that shows up on my screen every time I do a command. For the life of me I cannot find the menu item that will change my functionality back to the simple text box at the bottom of the screen where commands were previously typed.

Maybe it does exist, but a clear and concise illustrated how-to for basic navigation options would be a good idea. In other words, “Here are the options for how your interface can look and function.” I am using a MacBook with no mouse, and do fairly complex drawings. A few drawings can be seen on a web site that I started building a few days ago - I would like to see manuals for specific user configurations.