Selecting Sub-Layer Objects from Main Layer?

As discussed below (in Aug’13) it would be really helpful to be able to select objects in a sub-layer by selecting objects while on the main layer. This would also be consistent with the way Visibility works for main and sub-layers.

While this doesn’t work in Mac Rhino, Mitch indicated that this works in Windows Rhino – however, I couldn’t select sub-layer objects from the main layer in Windows either, when right-clicking on the layer list. Am I missing something?

Continuing the discussion from Design of Rhino Help:

Aha… I do see it now in Windows Rhino. Clearly need more coffee!

Looking forward to this also in Mac Rhino someday.

I would like this on the Mac too. It is hard to imagine it would be that difficult to implement. I guess it is a bit like the desire for being able to sort the layers; it seems straightforward but perhaps is more involved.

I don’t know if the following scripts will help -

Select one or more objects, run the script (you can also preselect), it will then select all the other objects on the layer(s) plus all the objects on sublayers of those. It does not select upwards - that is objects on parent layers will not be included if the selected objects are on a sublayer… (875 Bytes)

The following is identical, except that it will also go up the layer tree to the parent. (1020 Bytes) if necessary.

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Thank you, I’ll give them a go!!

OK, let me know, I haven’t tested them in Mac V6…

Is there any update on this being incorporated into Mac v7 or v8?

Bump on this thread.

It would be very helpful if this feature could be released in mac rhino 7.

Thanks, added here:
RH-62786 Select sub layer objects