Design lamp, any idea how to do this?

can anyone have any idea how to do this??

Hi @utopia.ioan

The 4th, 5th and 6th picture on the website more or less describes exactly how to make it. It’s a simple loft where you can control the scale, rotation and z-position of the 5 cross sections - which is a either 3-, 4- or 5 toothed closed curve. You can even see the exact layout of the curves on the 5th picture.

After the loft is made, it’s a matter of creating sections (starting from the center), offsetting them and then extruding them and creating the slots for assembly with the top and bottom brackets. Should be fairly easy to make in both Rhino and Grasshopper. If there is there a specific step in the process that’s holding you back, let us know - I’m sure someone will help!


thnx for the reply… i know tha is simple, but i am a bit confused about the vertical elements cause when u rotate the cross sections they stretch in front view, expept if the thickness of the vertical elements is about 1 or 2mm so they can be stretch in order to put them in the slots…


we have a similar product, check here:


nice…did u design the lamp with grasshoper??also the vertical elements if u see it in front view is twisted???

This is how i do, i like very much to model with rhino and i try always to avoid grasshopper.


yeah. :grinning:

thnk u!!!

can u explain me how u split with curves???

It’s easy, from top view use command _Split select solid (enter) then curves (enter), after split delete unwanted pieces then select all and use command _Cap.

it seems to work!!!thnk u