Need help with school project


School project i’m working on i wanted to create a lamp shade so that light can pass through it like it’s shown on second uploaded image. I know the basics of Rhino, but want to learn something new with Grasshopper.

Any tutorials that you could recommend to me or advices?


I’ve made many lamps like you describe. Here are just 2 examples:

Some suggestions for you:

The solid parts have to be strong enough to be printed successfully. My initial design for the first example did not have the horizontal braces. These turn out to be required because without them the vertical ribs flex too much during printing and can’t be printed OK.

This is born out again in the second example - originally the curvy strips were simple rectangular extrusions. But again these had too much flexibility, so I had to strengthen them by giving them a cross shaped cross section.

You can have quite small openings and still get a reasonable amount of light shining through:

Remember to make the base large enough to allow room for your light source. And leave a little “mouse hole” at the bottom for the power cord.

Here’s a simple way to get started making lamps like this:

  1. Make a 2D curve from a series of points in the XZ plane.
  2. Make a circular array of these curves.
  3. Pipe the curves specifying either flat or curved ends. These will be your vertical ribs.
  4. You can twist these in one direction, and then the opposite direction, and join the 2 together to get a diamond shaped pattern of ribs that will print OK.

Instead of piping the curves you can use them as rails for a 2D Extrude Along operation with any 2D shape you want. Things get more complicated after this, but once you get started you’ll discover more ways to make interesting shapes.

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That surface could be a blend, a loft, a network surface, or even, if you’re hard-core enough, a nurbs surface with custom placed control-points. How did you draw it in Rhino?

Hi and thanks for answering!

It is 2 closed curve profiles and 4 open curve sections and i used network surface for surfacing.

Model the opening as a curve, then extrude the curve so it is a surface in the profile of the curve, array this surface around the bottom curve and trim using the arrayed objects. probably not the best way, but…