Create folded paper lamp shade in Rhino

I am struggling to think of a method to build folded paper lamps, any advice please you can give me pls?
I’d like to understand the workflow to create the shapes I need in Rhino 7 (I have 6 shade visuals to finish by tomorrow morning… I don’t know how to use Grasshopper and don’t have time to learn for this project :grimacing:).

Rhino file attached is just of the basic shapes. I started building with a zig-zag line but stumbled at the first hurdle as not been able to space / join successfully (I tried to array along the circle curve but I’m not sure how to ensure they meet (if that’s the start of the workflow for this!?)).
There are also pictures in the file showing basic sketched shapes and inspiration images of paper pleating.

Thanks in advance!
28 - LUK - Paper lamp FAMILY B.3dm (3.1 MB)

have some visual reference of what you are trying to replicate you can post?

Hi, thanks
It should be in the file (?) but here are the images…

LU 2
LU 1

each “peak” and “valley” is a curve, and you can then simply loft the curves together.

you can also draw the cross section and extrude them, then connect the pieces, using loft, edgesrf, blend, etc…

Have you solved this? It’s not too difficult.

  1. Run _Polygon command. 24 sides, pick Star mode, set first point at (0), second point at (10,0,0), third point at (12.5,0,0)
  2. Select star shape and run _EditPtOn command, then use _SelCircular command to select inner points and move downward 2.5 units. Edited to change this step from “upward 2.5 units” to “downward 2.5 units” (see post below)
  3. Select polycurve, mirror on Z-Axis and move a copy upward 20 units.
  4. Select 2 curves run _Loft command (make sure seams are aligned).
  5. Hide this polysurface and the top curve for now
  6. Select the bottom curve and run _ScaleNU make sure copy is checked - origin point (0), X-axis scale factor 0.5, Y-axis scale factor 0.5, Z-axis scale factor 1
  7. Draw a line between 2 corresponding points on the curves.
  8. Run Sweep2 command. Select 2 star shapes as rails and the line you just made as the sweep shape
  9. Show previously hidden polysurface and join
  10. You can extrude the inner curve downward to continue

Just keep repeating until you get your desired shape.



Hi Kyle,
Thanks for your reply. I am fine creating the flat zig-zag curves to loft for the vertical folds but not sure how to accurately create the curves for the horizontal folds… and how to you loft horizontally so the zig-zags widen as they reach the outer pleats? Excuse the stupid questions, it feels like it should be really obvious! :sweat_smile:

Once I can do that, I’m sure I will have questions about how to connect using edgesrf, blend, etc! :grimacing:

Thanks, appreciate the help!

Hi Kevin,
This is great, thank you :ok_hand:… my brain needed this step by step guide (and I am a visual learner)! You have answered my question about the joins and how to achieve the angled shapes where the surfaces meet. Looks simple now I see it…I will try this now!

I noticed an error in the instructions in my previous post. In step #2 I wrote to move the inner points upward when I should have wrote to move them downward. (I edited my original post to correct the wording)

Following the original instructions produces this result which does not mach the photos in your original post:

After the change, it produces this (which matches the original photos):

The difference is subtle, but noticeable. Hope this didn’t cause you any difficulties.



Thanks for this Kevin
I actually didn’t complete this last night so I will do it this morning… good timing! :grinning:

Awesome post kev.r, thank you