Design for Additive Manufacturing

Hi there,
I designed a lattice structure as a part of my thesis. I could fabricate this geometry with PLA printing, but I need the same model with concrete. My first idea was to print a monolithic PLA mold and then fill it with concrete. But it failed when I removed the concrete after a freeze. Do you have an idea how I can produce this model with concrete? Should I divide the mold into parts to easily remove it? I am open to any ideas you may have. By the way, the dimensions of the model are approximately 15x10x10 cm.

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lattice part.3dm (1.4 MB)

Hello- there are concrete 3d printers out there - something to look into anyway ’

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Hello Pascal,

I know concrete printers but in my opinion they can’t produce such a complex geometries with small thickness.

That sounds small and intricate for concrete…

You could brute-force print a mold…

such a fine structure would need some reinforcement, usually in heavy applications steel is used, for a smaller filigrane structure like this you could look into adding some fibres that will help you keeping it together but we are talking about 1cm at most for one of these edges, that really is pretty thin for concrete and i would not want to drop that.

why would you want concrete on this? is it passion for the material? is it a design proposal and has a different size in its final application?

perfectly doable with powder bed processes, see here

Hi, I’ve seen a technique that uses ice as a mold for complex concrete elements, maybe someting to look into?