Cobogó - Hollow Brick - Latticework

I am trying to design this structure:

It’s a Brazilian word, and I couldn’t find the translation to it. Sorry

Anyway, best results I got was with Loft and Blend Surface, but I cannot get a smooth surface, always end up getting some crease.

I will 3D Print it later ^^

STL Loft:

STL BlendSrf:

Latticework.3dm (2.9 MB)

I used an Ellipse to cut the surface. Using Loft I also added another Ellipse at the middle.

How would you do it?

i’d use subD, did you try it?

Hmm, I started it in SolidWorks and was trying to design it with it NURBS.

Will try with SubD, thanks. ^^

If you prefer nurbs:

it’s just a fast sketch

Latticework_02.3dm (853.3 KB)


You extruded the Ellipse, then used BlendSrf?

The Zebra looks disconnected, but the STL is fine ^^

I’d make a strip in the middle, blendsrf and adjust surface blend

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Great, thank you! :slight_smile: