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The Mobilenza System was inspired by mid-century race cars and Italian movies.

The primary element of the system is a steam-bent plywood ‘race-track’ module. It provides a rigid support and attachment system for metal legs, using allen head screws to connect. Other options such as screen panels and drawers are easy to add at any time.

ALL PROJECT ENTRIES (360 entries total / competition closed) International Design Contest “Go Living” Go Living is the 49 th design contest by Formabilio for talented designers. Send us a living-room furniture project; we will produce it!


Have you considered how you are going to countersink the mounting holes on the inside of your pieces?


Never seen a reverse countersink? :smile:

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I have one of those exact drills - except a lot older and more beat up - in one of my tool drawers.
(as well as a reverse countersink…)

Nice! I do not own one, but I am aware of their existence. :laughing:

Looks nice! I’ve never heard of steam bending plywood. Do you mean laminating steam bent plys?
Also, if this would be a production item, setting up the drilling for each unit with either a right angle drill or Mitch’s reverse counter-sink is going to be a pain.

these are ok in a pinch without buying a dedicated angle drill

Thank you!

Of course. I always try to keep the text short and punchy, so it’s a small risk that no one was too confused by taking it literally. I have also seen the process referred to in a variety of ways, including “molded plywood.” Same general idea; most people would understand that you don’t put the whole sheet of finished plywood into a giant molding tool.

Designers Charles and Ray Eames established their long and legendary relationship with Herman Miller in 1946 with this boldly original molded plywood lounge chair featuring wooden legs.

The keys to remember are (1) this is a design competition. Its all about being original and working out production details later. (2) Labor will increase the cost, but I’m not aiming for the IKEA crowd anyway.

Nice designs. Did you render all of this in Vray?

Thank you. You have excellent taste!

Yes. V-Ray is a great software and has made a huge difference in my work.