How to load new toolbars automatically


I’m deploying a plugin with inno setup (adding the name and filename reg keys as usual) and have been struggling with making the new toolbars appear when rhino starts. I’ve been following this guide with no success:

I can see the toolbars in the rhino toolbar settings but they are always unchecked and thus hidden by default, which seems completely counter-intuitive. All previous forum posts about this point to the same guide, so what am I missing? Did something change in newer releases of Rhino 7?

There’s a cryptic mention of a “list” that keeps track of disabled plugins that might have something to do with this but no explanation on how to override it?

…the file name goes on a list so that Rhino does not automatically open the RUI file in the future…

Does your RUI file have the same filename (except for the extension of course) as your plug-in? I think I remember that if that is the case, the toolbars should be visible on start-up.

yes, the plugin name and the rui file name are the same

And were the toolbars open/visible when you saved the RUI file?

Generating RUI files with the workspace manager is finicky at best.

I could try recreating the RUI again but would prefer not to. The RUI files are really just XML files. Do you know if there is a particular element or attribute that I need to add/edit to make the toolbar visible by default?

edit: there’s a “visibility” attribute in one of the sub-toolbar elements that was somehow left as false even tho I distinctly remember I switched it multiple times when testing this. Once I set it to true again and rebuilt everything again, it finally worked :smiley: :man_shrugging:

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