Denoiser for Mac

Cannot get to the denoiser download. See attached picture with error message. When I click OK, the packagemanager and error window both disappear.

What does that window mean? Looked through forum to see if same problem is registered there, but did not find the topic.

Hi -
Can you please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here?

SysInfo attached…

Rhino7SysInfo.txt (5.89 KB)

Hi @Matt3, can you please try running the PackageManager command with this Rhino 7.7 build? When the error dialog shows up you should also get some output in Rhino’s command line – please copy/paste here to help me track down the cause of this error!

No error messages. It runs through.

A little confused by the 2 buttons in the “Package Manager” window… Install and Apply. Seems like the Apply button should not be displayed until after an install is executed?? or…??

Otherwise, this new version seems to work. Gave me a long list of packages available to install, which I did not get before (actually, I did get a short list of the 3 denoisers before once, then it never showed up again.)

What should I set the memory (Intel Denoiser) value at?


You can just keep it at the default value, this should be more than enough.