DeleteHole doesn't work when hole is over a seam

Probably a known bug, and there may not be a simple way around it, but worth a mention. These holes were created with the roundhole command. They went through the whole pipe. Deletehole only deleted one side, which is understandable, but the other side of the roundhole passes through a polysurface join and cannot be deleted.

Adding the functionality to delete holes in all polysurfaces across joins would be a huge step forward.

Yep, this does not work at seams. I think it is on the pile of things to make better, but if not, I will add it,



Hi Nick,

As Pascal mentioned, this a known case, but unfortunately there is no easy way to deal with it other than the manual process of untrimming.

RoundHole can drill through a polysurface inner and outer surface, but DeleteHole can only recognize the ones that are internal to the polysurface faces. Therefore any cut through an outer boundary of a face cannot be recognized as a hole and therefore is not deleted, As in your example, the seam of a cylinder is one of these cases. Se the following example that shows the underlying surface structure and the location of what appears to be a hole, but is in fact not.:

I’ve struggled with this myself and if there is a fix in the works, great! In the meantime, I use RemoveEdge for the holes that span the edge. WIth a bit of forethought, you can move the seam with SurfSeam to where it won’t coincide with the hole.

In the latest version of Rhino 7 (Windows) the Move Hole/Copy Hole and Delete Hole are all having a hard time if your Hole share one of its edges with any edge of the polysurface. If you create a simple room (by shelling a solid box and removing the top surface) it is working OK to create Holes for Windows in all four Walls. Creating a Hole for a Door ONLY work OK if you leave a small “threshold” below the Door.
Creating the Hole is OK, but try to move/copy or Delete the Hole will destroy the polysurface.

I Tim -
I see that here, yes.
As Rajaa said, there is no easy way to get this to work when the hole shares an edge with the outer edge of a surface. Perhaps the command should detect that situation and make it impossible to select that hole rather than trying something and messing up the entire object in the process…
At any rate, I’ve put this case on the list as RH-64005.