Deleted command turned into a German text

Earlier today I deleted the RMB command for one of the default icons in Rhino 7 (the “Toggle Layer panel” icon). However, after opening Rhino 7 again I noticed that there is a strange German text that replaced the empty command name. This bug has happened to me multiple times over the past few years, and I remember that I already had it reported in another topic. The German text is:
Ebenendialog schließen

On top of that, I regularly notice that empty fields for the RMB command on some icons get replaced by random messages such like “Macro 117 - Copy 00”.

While this is not a huge issue, it’s still annoying that it happens quite often for no obvious reason, especially the funny German text. :slight_smile: My Rhino 7 is in English.

Been reporting this since the birth of V7. There are numerous posts by me on the subject. The cause is that even in v7 - before the whole V8 toolbar revamp - standard toolbar buttons were linked behind the scenes to macros. These links did not get cut correctly when copying buttons, the button (sorta) remembered parts of it even if either the LMB or RMB tooltip was cleared. It put the tooltip that you erased back in - but often in German - sometimes for me in Czech or even an Asian language. Or it might just end up with Macro XX.

And, if you bring these tools over to V8 via an .rui, they will have the same problem.


  1. Only copy buttons that have a LMB/RMB if you are going to use both LMB/RMB in the copy. That appears to work.

  2. The safest thing to do is create a completely blank new button instead of copying it from elsewhere. Then add the tooltips, command and button image manually. I especially recommend this in V8 where copying buttons is much worse than in V7. All of that is being worked on right now in V8, so I hope that it will be fixed in a service release or two.

I gave up fixing my V7 - there are just too many of these to do - so it is that way still today.


That being said, even occupying the RMB field with some macro or command does not keep it safe, because on some instances my custom commands simply disappear and get replaced by those random texts I mentioned above. I will check how the custom toolbars and icons behave in the coming days and, if there are issues again, I may end up replacing any copied and modified icon with a totally new one. Thanks for the suggestion!

Ah, that’s good to know. :slight_smile:
Been wondering why those weird things regularly happened to my Rhino 6 …

Thanks for the info !