Delete Wallpaper image

How do I remove the Wallpaper image and additionaly, is there a way to prevent it being exported with the Selected Objects export option

If you go to the viewport properties of the viewport with the wallpaper (Viewport title -> Viewport Properties), just remove the path to the wallpaper, and hit ok. Wallpaper gone!

To not have the wallpaper exported, be sure to click ‘Save Geometry Only’ when specifying the path and file name of the exported model.

Thank you Luis, that one was just so obvious, I couldn’t figure it out.

Hi @margaret , I checked this out in the help file and it implied a purge would delete the wallpaper

maybe this needs a tune up like a ‘remove’ button in the wallpaper options panel which would clear the text box.

In the case of ‘Export Selected’ mentioned, ‘save geometry only’ doesn’t work in this case as it places all geometry on the default layer, so perhaps an option to save geometry and keep the layer structure could be considered, or an option leave the wallpaper image behind.

The down side of this is that you get no layers or materials either. I think I’d remove the image, export and then get the image back…


Well put!

I’ll tune this up, too.