Delete Grasshopper plugins after closing Revit


While I was trying to find plugins causing problems to use Human UI within RiR, I noticed that the window doesn’t allow to delete files under Libraries folder once RiR was opened. It seems that RiR doesn’t release Grasshopper plugins files once RiR is activated in Revit, even after Revit is closed. image The message says that the file is open in Revit, but the file is clearly for Grasshopper.
I had to restart my computer every time to delete any plugins if I opened RiR. Is there any workaround to delete files after closing Revit? Another unrelated issue is that Grasshopper stays open after Revit is closed and I use task manager to force it to close. Would it be possible to make RiR closed if Revit is closed?

All addons and files should be released when Revit is closed. Sometimes this happens because there is a ghost instance of Revit still running in the memory. Open your task manager and see if you can find any Revit instances and close them manually. It should release the lock on the file

Sometimes Revit needs a bit of time to do clean-up job after quitting, especially in a worksharing setting. Usually I wait for 1-2 minutes and Revit terminates itself.

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Thank you, @eirannejad and @gankeyu.
I also checked task manager, but I didn’t see Revit running in background.
Waiting a few minutes didn’t work either…

Hit the “More Details” button and look into all processes. Something is keeping that file locked

Yes, I could find Revit doing something in background! Thanks again @eirannejad.

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