Explicitly close Rhino.Inside

Hello Forum !
Is there a way in Revit to explicitly close Rhino.Inside when you are done. Right now I am having synch problems when I run RIR and want to synch the project and want to force close/terminate this addon upon synch.

I haven’t found a way to close RIR only. I restart Revit to do that :frowning:

Nope. Once the addon is loaded, it remails loaded. It’s not a RIR decision and is mostly about how .net runtime and Revit addons work.

What is the sync problem you are having? Let’s get that resolved.

Ok ! here is the situation. I have a revit central file in 2021 format ( and (Rhino 7.6.21127.19001) I have done some modeling with RIR in the past and those geometries are part of revit model now. I open the central file(local copy) do some changes and synch with no problem. I run RIR and do nothing just run the command without opening RH or GH, and want to synch I get this message :
revit 2021 error

After this message, pops up the “File not saved” and basically the synch hasn’t gone through.
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Hi @s.kamyab,

Does it work if you save local after running RiR, close Revit, open your local copy back without loading RiR and synch?

How can I reproduce it here?
Is your server a network share, a Revit server or BIM360?

I’m trying to differentiate if the local file is really corrupt or is RiR interfering while synchronizing.

Hi Kike!
well yes ,saving the file locally after running RIR work ok.also without loading RIR synch is also ok.
we work on bim360 but i copied and made a central on our server and still didn’t succeed to synch
i ask the team if we can share the model.