Delete Edges, Doesn't remove the constituent verts

From another topic. Maybe I’m just not understanding right.

eg_mesh_verts.3dm (165.8 KB)

Running rebuild mesh basically undoes the deleting of edges you think was done. Even withtthe mergefaces command, there is still the problem of these ‘split’ edges.


from what I understand, subd will accept an ngon, but mesh will not. It’s only quad or triangle for them. In this case you can delete the edge, but it retains it’s internal structure.

Yeah…hm… I’m not sure what is expected here but since a mesh really only has points, it does not have edges in the same way as a surface does, there is nothing really to delete for edges - those are just lines Rhino draws between the points. What counts is the point (control point) , which is not available as a sub-object. So, when an edge is ‘deleted’, it makes an ngon there, which seems reasonable in the context of how meshes are structured in Rhino, I guess. Delete control points to create a hole.


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Ah okay, got it. Yeah so I thought maybe it was discontinuous with subd, because deleting a point combines the edges together, but I see now that if you extract that control polygon you are kidding yourself and rhino will redraw the tris/quads after rebuild mesh. I just took a mesh box and subd box and looked at the result of deleting a few edges.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is, is there a way to delete an edge loop on a plain old mesh? If you make a mesh box into a subd, delete the edge loop, and extract, you can. My reason for asking would be that you can delete mesh edge loops without realising you’re actually not having any effect really.