There is a problem clearing the edges of the rhino7

Hi all
When editing a set of edges, there is a problem with the vertices remaining

Thanks for this report! I’ve filed it as This does not happen when deleting an edge loop from a subd but I see the same on meshes.

Hi Thanks

This bug has not been resolved yet and in addition to Edge or face we are trying to clear, will not clear or delay

Rhino WIP, 7.0.19233.06455

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Hi - If you check the report, you will see that @dalelear has marked this item as Won't Fix. He also documented the reason for this:

This is because “Delete” on a mesh edge simply welds it. The vertices are still there.

Is he confused?

Not that they are confused but that they are somebody with high intelligence
And I sent this report for other users to know
Thanks for your response