Delete drawing problem

I delete a drawing but later it come again… There is a bug about that please can you check that?

I have a tecnical problem that :

When I delete my drawings from admin panel, later they can back again… so this means that shaoediver doesnt delete them just archived them…

The problem is that even I delete drawings it take place of my server capacity I think because now I get error like that :

Oops! The server encountered an issue with your model:

Computation of your model failed. Please ask for help on the forum, including the reference shown below in your message.

(Ref: 267e229d-3e20-42ea-9bb4-635e8611b34c)

Problem 1 : Drawings later come back again and it becomes confused.

Problem 2 : I cant upload new drawings

Please help urgently

thanks @mathieu1

  1. Just to clarify and understand the issue here, you are not able to delete models from your dashboard on the ShapeDiver platform. Correct? I was able to delete models in my account without problems.
  2. The “Computation of your model failed” error means that there is something wrong with the Grasshopper file you are uploading and it cannot be processed. Please share a minimal version of the definition replicating this so we can investigate.
  1. I delete drawings but later for example 2 dys later I see the deleted modal in mydashboard again…
  2. I just uploaded drawing yesterday easly it is very simple model but now I can not download any model from mydashboard again

if you want I can send you my drawing ? @pavol

An unexpected problem occurred and the uploads were not working reliably. This has been fixed now, please try to upload your model again and let me know if you have any issues. I’m really sorry for any inconvenience.

This is what I meant cause normally it upload in 2 second … now it is ok thanks…

but also the bug about deleted drawings continue…

Could you check your browser console for any errors when deleting models? Please share screenshots.

I can but for information; in shapediver screen it said “… modal deleted successfully” and I doesnt see it for 2 days for example… but suddenly it come back… I really become suprised at first I thought " I think I didnt delete that" but now I am sure it is not about me.

also for screenshot it dosent give us correct report cause “not all the time” for example at 10 delete 3 of them come backs.

in screenshot it can be 7 of them…

I dont know how can we work on it… that is not an deadly critical problem… but please take that as a not maybe when you work on software you can see that problem and than , remember what ı said…

OK, I get the picture now and I’ll keep an eye on deleting models to get to the bottom of this. Thank you very much for reporting the issue.

Thanks for your time… have a nice day.