Delaunay remeshing with meshmachine

trying hard to use meshmachine for remeshing.
the attached file contains three meshes. meshmachine works ok on mesh 1, which only contains a part of mesh 3 (a head model).
can anybody succeed in generating the desired mesh from the complete head model? (816.4 KB)

Looks like there’s something not quite right with the mesh… There is a tiny sliver of a hole above the upper lip right in the centre. Maybe the mesh needs a clean up before it will work with MeshMachine and the reason it works with Mesh1 is because that is the simplest part of the mesh and also the cleanest.

I tried Welding Vertices and Combine&Clean etc but nothing worked. I’m suspicious of the nose, lips, eyes and ears as maybe these areas have problems.

What are you aiming for?

Also, where did the mesh come from? I’ve been looking for a nice mesh of a head!

Remesh from Ngon plugin from @Petras_Vestartas do the job,
Just 10 iterations here.

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It looks like the remesher in Petras’ plugin (which is actually by Ryan Schmidt and taken from the GradientSpace library) still gives some errors in the mesh though.

It looks like there are some issues with the starting mesh with badly intersecting faces and strange naked loops before remeshing.

The new TriRemesh function which is native now in Rhino 7 should be able to handle this.
I think ideally one would fix some of the errors in the initial mesh first, but if that isn’t possible, it might work to shrink-wrap it and heal the issues that way.

Here’s an example, also with the result internalized in case you’re not on R7 (you can also download the trial version if you haven’t yet)
Shrink Wrapping takes significantly longer than a just remeshing directly, but it does close up tiny holes and should be able to fix small errors with intersecting faces.
It gives a watertight result, but I can see there are still some potential issues with the tight folds around the interior of the eyelids and the lips, and it takes longer than I’d like. I’ll be working to improve it for this sort of application! (2.9 MB)

edit - I think I spotted the issue with how it’s projecting on some of the very thin features.
Here’s the good mesh - I’ll try and get the fix into the tool soon
kopf_2.3dm (2.4 MB)


hello laurent and martyn,
thanks for the quick help.

and david, thanks a lot for digging deep!
first: sorry for the low quality input.
for a potential customer i am doing some tests creating reliefs from 3d-figures (meshes, subDs) for further sculpting (thats why it should be delaunays). so probably the meshquality will even be worse and good to know that possibly there is a chance to save some time for fixing the meshes.
when creating the reliefs, part of the workflow will be scaling1D. when doing this before triRemeshing, this will result in even more problematic geometry in the critical areas. I will attach an example for testing.

02_kopf_relief.3dm (1.1 MB)

there are some others ways to heal the mesh. It is possible to use some isosurface. The iso value could be obtained via mesh ray.

or you could surely using some “magics” with Point Cloud tools, Poisson reconstruction …

As it is a relief you are after, this could also be made simpler by using the Drape command in Rhino.
That gives a clean quad grid surface without undercuts, which you can still remesh into triangles if needed.

very good point, thanks!
was already thinking about how to fill the undercuts …