Adaptive TriRemesh?

I love how TriRemesh doesn’t stupidly follow the Nurbs UVs like Rhino’s mesher and rather follows the topology of a shape.
Equilateral triangles hava all sorts of benefits, but I wonder if it would be possible to enhance thjis tool with an adaptive input, allowing to make smaller triangles in areas of strong curvature, similar to the QuadRemesh component ?


Didn’t MeshMachine do this?

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Can’t remember…
If it was, why did it go away ? Any idea where I could find it now ?

There is 2 meshmachine, I still use them.
One is there and the other ?

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Maybe, we could experiment with the potential of Tri-Remesh a bit further. I’m not quite sure… (15.5 KB)


I’ve gotten good results with the RemeshByColour component in Kangaroo. Gives you a lot of control as you can define the color by anything you want and thus gives you a little more fine grained control over the size of the triangles.


Thanks for pointing that. I strangely never use it.
This work well with my plugin Nautilus as I output now color
Here with reaction diffusion

Belousov Zhabotinsky

Noise on mesh



I’ve not forgotten about this. TriRemesh fixed some bugs in the old MeshMachine, and I still haven’t released a version with the same fixes for variable edge lengths, but I’m working on some new stuff with fields that ties in with this.


Great work Laurent

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This is quite strange. It looks like you hacked TriRemesh.
How did you come up with this idea ?