Delaunay issues in GH for Rhino6

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to do a delaunay mesh out of a set of points in GH Rhino 6
Maybe I’m doing something worng but I can’t figure out why it turns to be an invalid mesh.

The very same file in GH for Rhino5 works perfectly.

Any solution? I attach both images and files

Thanks in advance!
20180726 Delaunay problem (11.5 KB)
20180726 Delaunay problem (12.2 KB)

It looks obvious that R6 has more strict internal process of delauny mesh generation than R5.
As you can see, when if you have some duplicate points, it’ll produce invalid mesh…

20180726 Delaunay problem (17.6 KB)


oh…I hadn’t though about it, and it’s completely logic
Great, thank you HS_KIM!

I suspect Rhino6 is more finicky about mesh validity. So it never got reported on R5. But that is conjecture on my part.

Indeed. There are some issues I am experiencing with the mesh that were not an issue in R5 including as shown in the topic linked below.