Deforming structure with grasshopper

Hello, I am trying to make a transitional deformation of a building. The structure will start as solid but slowly turn into something fluid I tried doing it with attractor points but I failed. I would really appreciate the help. I attached an image below were i show a my vision. The green part is the curve direction of the structure.

Please add simplified version of your file and reference image.

actually what I am trying to do is something simillar to this referance image the form will start as a box but slowly deconstruct itself and turn curvy. For me my form is made up of a bunch of different sized boxes overlooking different directions so these boxes should act as one entitiy and gradually start curving. I also attached a simplified version of my file I would really appreaciate the help becuase I tried many different things and I failed.
solid.3dm (1.5 MB)

another (maybe better) example would be something like this imagine an imaginary grid making up my structure this imaginary grid will deconstruct itself.

If you are looking for Cage Edit in GH, here is a way.

Yes I think what Im trying to do is basically cage edit in grasshopper. But I believe the tool you refrenced only works on meshes and not box geometries.

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