Deformation when using flow along surface

Hi there. I have a polysurface on which I use the “flow along surface” command, but unfortunately it get deformed in an unexpected way. The dimension of the objects are really changed, as you can see I had a set of 2.46 holes, and end up with holes varying from 2.4 to 2.54:


Here is the project: flow along curve -deformation.3dm (3.2 MB)

I guess its nor normal, and would like to understand if I am doing something wrong there. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hello - see


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Oh great, I could not find it. Many thanks. So by using the UnrollSrfUV command and then using it as a base surface of the FlowAlongCrv while keeping AutoAdjust=No worked! (and issue was due to NURBS stretching)

Hello - if your target surface is not developable, it can help to make a copy of the target surface and Rebuild to a very dense point count - this will even out the UV - and use that as the target, and just delete it when done.


Good to know, thanks!

Hello @pascal , I am sorry to disturb , but I am again in a similar problem so I thought I could write in this post.

I have a polysurface that I created by using the “sweep 2 rails” command, and now I can’t use the last solution (UnrollsSrfUV) to have my curves on this polysurface. I tried to project curves, to create a surface instead of a polysurface but nothing wokred so far. Is it possible to somehow project flat curves onto a polysurface without deformation?

Also I looke dinto similar issues but it does not answer my question (Problems projecting closed curve mesh onto curved polysurface - #2 by anon55473861, Can't project a group of curves onto a polysurface. Any idea? - #5 by davidcockey) but I still cant make this polysurface to be a surface.

Any help would be very useful :slight_smile:

Hello - I am helpless to help without a file…