Deflation/Shrinking object around other solid - problem


(Nicolas De Vos) #1

I’m trying to build a definition to let a membrane shrink around another object
so far it works with primitive objects like a box and sphere
but not with more complicated objects like a cone, cylinder or extruded voronoi

This is what I want to create:

what i want

What I have so far:

Applied to cube:

Applied to sphere:

Applied to extruded voronoi:

(I added also a gravitation component like you can see on the phtots to be more realistic but isn’t necessary.)

Deflation (25.8 KB)

I know it is still not optimal,
anyone knows how to fix this?
Or how to improve it?

(Pfotiad0) #2

I have something similar but is carried over solely via C# code. If I can find some time later on I’ll try some stuff on your def.

(Tim Stark) #3

Don’t know if you already know it. But that’s an 7 year old script, that may help you. It’s still working.

(Nicolas De Vos) #4

Hi Peter

If you could take a look, that would be great, thank you!

I have never used C# codes before, so I don’t know how to fix the problem that way,
you say you have something similar, could I maybe take a look at it?

thank you very much!

(Pfotiad0) #5

Er … hmm … but this means that the thing would be a freaky black box for you. I think that’s way better to attempt to do something with native K2 components (truth is that code allows to do anything imaginable … but we must consider the usability as well).

more soon

(Nicolas De Vos) #6

yes you are right, since I haven’t used it before, I probably wouldn’t understand very much of it :slight_smile: