Create an enclosing shell (vacuum bag) around objects


I am trying to figure out, if there is an easy way to create an enclosing shell around multiple objects.

A large building model has been imported. which is made up of lots of objects, surfaces and so on. I would like to take all the exterior surfaces, and join them into one enclosing surface.
The best way I can explain it is, that I would like to put the model in a plastic bag, create a vacuum, and keep the plastic surface, now sticking to the objects in the bag.

Any suggestions for doing this?


Do you want the curved/stretched/wrinkled parts like an actual physical shrink wrap, or is it more just that you want a single closed manifold which closely matches the outer boundary of all your objects (like materialise magics’ shrinkwrap tool)?

If it’s the first one I can show how to do this with Kangaroo. If it’s the latter, then maybe some kind of isosurfacing tool like Dendro.
Both of these options will struggle to capture really sharp features though.

The latter option is what I am looking for. A drape-function, that “attacks” all around the objects. I will look into the tools mentioned, thank you.