Definite closed shapes were open when received as ai by client

I have hand crafted some lettering in front view only, joined the curves, command line says closed curve when I do each one.

export as ai, also chose pdf vector output,

I get told by the vinyl cutting bureat that there is some work to do, that the ai file is best but quite a few are open. an extra £50 or so cost to fix.

I have asked to know of which ones are afflicted.

Does the hatch command get recognised by other progs such as Corel or Adobe illustrator ?
I avoided its use just in case.


When you created these files that your customer found problems in, did you re-import them as a check before sending them?
If it were me, I’d do some basic sanity checking until you have confidence in the process.

Hi John,
opened this ai into rhino and shapes are closed,

more going on, see post on hairline becoming thick etc, he sees ng beside a triangle, its not there.

he sees different thicknesses in some places yet all are hairline when opening the ai into rhino.

Open ai into affinity designer, blank page appears.


Hi Steve - it would be helpful if you could just state the problem as simply as possible in complete sentences; making the rest of us try to separate the essential thread of your woes from your literary ambitions is asking a bit much sometimes.




Since the Rhino produced AI file opens correctly in Rhino, does it open correctly in Illustrator?
We have no control over how other applications interpret AI files.

Oh dear.

Think about the program you are exporting to. It’s a 2D illustration program. Hence TOP view ONLY and project to CPlane before exporting.

Buy a copy of Illustrator so you can test these things. It’ll be cheaper in the long run and it will free up the “Desktop publishing support team” on the RHINO newsgroup.

On that note; over and out.


Struggling to meet deadline then things going wrong sees my english become a bit shorthand at times.

I cannot justify annual fee of Illustrator for the day or two I might need it for testing per year. maybe an old version off ebay I could find.
Adobe pricing policy, also Autocad Inventor, and Spaceclaim, all assumes one is using the prog a lot and making money at the work. I use a variety of progs and its impossible to pay for them all with subscription and earn enough to afford it. Hate subs type progs with their sole usage and money making assumptions.

My aircraft was drawn and the fuselage side onto which my stencilling all goes is seen in front view, so of course I end up creating it all in front view. That explains why when opened into Affinity Designer I saw nothing. All vinyl cut services were able to see it though, I will ask them how.

Still not sure though why when I open the ai back into Rhino I get long lines running south east from what were simple triangles, such original triangles when exported to a new file and exported as ai, didnt create that glitch.

Its one of those occasions that occurs often where in context of the entire file it misbehaves, copy it out on its own and its ok.
I cannot post the original file here as its very valuable and I will lose all control over it, its marked up strictly copyright but one has control over bureaus as one knows which bureau received it, if I see it in use anywhere I know exactly who to take to court, but anyone can get hold of it on the internet.

I will remember to get it into top view then flatten it. Lucky all bureaus could read it, maybe they had ai !

I have now done the top view flatten approach, export as ai, open that in Affinity Designer (latest version), still see nothing, just a white rectangle.


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You should try daily meditation my friend. your text is long and complaining and coming from a place of fear instead of abundance. just to state. I finally figured out that your manifestation in the external world and all your issues are a direct reflection of your inner state. you could at least get a copy or audible of Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now.
Finally you start to understand.

Much love, H



 That was perfect, thank you.

Spent an entire day sat cross legged going ommmmm,
Then I export closed shapes as ai, recipient says they are open.

maybe Rhino needs to meditate ?..or eat some magic mushrooms, if such grow in the Savannah.

Created a simple 2cm square in top view based on origin, drew a circle within, export it as ai, open into Affinity Designer, nothing shows…Deadlines screaming at me, now a day overdue thanks to a day spent cross legged, but meditation hasnt fixed the problem.

PC’s dont play ball with ones mental state, they can wreck it !


Here are settings that work in Rhino V5 to write a PDF that shows a circle and a rectangle in Affinity Designer

Hi, thanks,
I need to ai files though exported out from Rhino., recipient wants ai, without closed curves becoming open.

here is my ai export. had to zip it as ai files not allowed in upload (why ???)
what is wrong with it ?
2cm square box with 1cm dia (846 Bytes)



I cannot guide you through this, but PDF is an Adobe file format, it can definitely be read very well by Adobe Illustrator, Affinity e.g. can just export PDF (and not AI), and usually people accept PDFs. So, just accepting AI is perhaps not enough…

Steve1 are you still having trouble ? Are yo trying to achieve what we call a compound path in Illustrator, i.e the square would be filled but the circle cut out?

I’ll take a look at your other .ai export if you like. Its Illustrator all day, every day for me :slight_smile: so no problem…