AI export a mess black on white art all white radiating lines etc

Hi, V5
I have drawn a black art on white (hatch black fill) , then explode text, and explode dims twice, black hatch that as well, even the arrow heads all need filling, else it says font not exist in photoshop, and selected it then export as .ai

used cmyk then did another as rgb.

Pshop likes cmyk.

This is a file to send to a signwriter to have printed to vinyl. I had to use CAD as it involved aircraft parts and 3D and work I have done., as well as the stencilling all created in CAD as it has all the tools vital to doing so.

Open the result in photoshop and the black has vanished, and there are lines coming from the artwork heading south east !

I have it near the origin as initially it opened as a small art in top left corner of a massive box, I remembered it has to be at origin !

why has it not retained its black and what are these lines. ?

I cant put it here as its highly copyright and confidential.


Sorry, I have no idea what you are describing- can you please just clearly say what is incorrect, and post or send an example file to


Hi Pascal,
I will have to create a test file then, but simply put its a black rectangle (draw rectangle, use hatch) over which I typed text then exploded it and filled with hatch white, so I have white text on a black rectangle.

Above that was a white triangle with some black text inside it drawn using curves etc, text (black hatch).

select it, export as ai, and open that in pshop, all has gone white.

open it into rhino, all is white no black shows as fill.
I needed to get this to signwriter urgent.
Guess that isnt going to happen now, unless I go without lunch again, I did warn him rhino can be odd at things like this.


Here is a quick test, see attached files and the ai export,
though this when opened into pshop doesnt see a few thin black lines going from art to bottom right.

SteveTEST AI EXPORT 3 cmyk-1.3dm (75.3 KB) all gone white

I would check draw order, the white fills may be on top.


I have it set with black rectangle as bring to front over the white triangle, and black rectangle as bring to front over the white rectangle, and the white text as bring to front over the black rectangle.

looks ok in rhino, so what needs doing to get it to behave as an ai export ? as I did this a few yrs ago and all was well then.
and these lines what are they ?


Hello - I am just suggesting that in AI, you might need to adjust the draw order. I do not get the lines, here.


I dont have Illustrator so cannot tweak it, maybe the sign shop can move things about then if I send them a screen dump, not right though they have to fiddle with art sent.

I also selected vector pdf and created that, though not sure if the pdf creator sheep icon prog that pops up honours the vector aspect ?

Also the text filled in when I did that first time, one needs to turn off the line thickness though hairline is the only option available so the text gets slightly filled in.

maybe I should have turned off the curves ans used hatch only .


Hi Steve

I have no experience with Illustrator but you could try hatching to the internal boundaries, instead of stacking the hatches on top of each other.

Hi Brian,
thats an idea.
I treated it as if a graphics prog, and CAD has no concept of layers in a graphical way.

It odd though that I took the objects/art I used a few yrs ago and it didnt misbehave then, I just rescaled it.
I never got the radiating lines either.

Hi, V5
My vector pdf export which I thought would be okay unlike the .ai that turned all white (layer order had indeed placed all different to the bring to front ordering I had used), opened I am told with faceted corners when they should be circles.
‘Threepenny bit’ effect if one knows the old UK coinage pre decimal !

Why ?

As I posted the triangle file here perhaps someone try that on it.

The sign shop rearranged the ai layers to get the art looking correct.

Selecting individual areas like Q O P etc and applying hatch is a bit of a thing, this was very simple art but anything more advanced would be a nightmare. Is there no command that will allow selection of the objects looking correct and give them a graphical ordering for export ?

He had also opened the first export and couldnt find the artwork, saw a massive rectanle then found it upper left corner, I had resent it after moving art to near origin, he didnt see that email, must origin get involved in these exports ?