Defining Physical Properties for a Glass Pane

Hi together,

I am trying to simulate a glass pane supported by elastic edge sealant under a constant pressure. Now if glass (as a non-ductile material) cannot be simulated in Kangaroo, please stop me right here and let me know.

I made a script after watching Intelligent Fabrications video about developable surfaces (which comes close to the behavior of glass (video link at the bottom) and applied physical properties to the script (E-modulus, thickness, area, pressure - with the model being in meters). However, my model explodes every time, and I have the feeling the values are not correctly applied. I already did a lab experiment where I know how much the pane deflects - so in practice I know it moves a couple of mm with the input values (see attached false color model).

Please let me know if you have a solution or correct me if I am mistaking the inputs for length strengths/hinge strengths etc (I am assuming the lengthfactor as x1 since glass does not expand)

Video on developable surfaces: