"Define Block" (DefBlock) refuses points as geometry

It looks like “Define Block” (DefBlock) refuses points as geometry.
I wonder why.

probably because @andheum filtered them from acceptable items. Why would you prefer this over elefront defblock?

I don’t see his point.
Got it ? His point ?

That’s why !

Seing the error message my guess is that it will decline every datatype which does not inherit from geometrybase, as points, lines etc. for the same reason.

@andheum Could you widen the scope of what geometry types are accepted by your component ?

Lines can be recast as curves

But points are stubborn little fellows.

I hacked my way out of this for now, but really, I would need those points to be in there !

ok, define block in the latest version of human for rhino 7 on the package manager supports points


Thank you so much !