A few differences between Elefront and Human regarding blocks and baking

This has been my experience with Human and Elefront. Are these things true?


  • It can create a Block Definition in Rhino using Define Block, even without baking. The block has an origin so it can be transformed before placement(s).
  • When placing a block with PlaceBlock, it cannot continuously overwrite the bakes, it will just make duplicates.
  • When just plain baking an object it can continuously overwrite the previous bakes.
  • It cannot create a block with Define Block if the geometry is just a curve.
  • Trimmed surfaces lose their shape when connected to the G input on Define Block, however if they pass through a Brep capsule first then they work fine.


  • It cannot create a Block Definition without baking the Block geometry into the Rhino file, even when using Linked Blocks.
  • It can continuously overwrite placed blocks by using Insert Block and Bake Objects