Default settings?


I have a few settings that I would like to be default when I start up Rhino, but I cannot find where to do it. It should be in Rhino, not just in an actual document.
Those setting are:
a. Grid off
b. O-snap on
c. Object control points shall stay off when the object is selected.

Would someone be so kind as to help on that point?

Best regards,

Hi Niels (@nfoldager)

If you look in the properties panel, you’ll see a section of Rhino options and a section called documents options. All settings in Rhino options should be permanent from session to session. The settings in Document properties are saved in the file. If you want your Document settings to be different from the default, just start a new file, make the changes in properties and go to File>Save as template and make your very own template - make sure to tick “use this template when Rhino starts” at the bottom of the dialog box. Disclaimer: I’m on my phone, so some of the wording might be a little off :grimacing:

HTH, Jakob

Edit: So if any of these settings are Document properties, and the file you open has been edited by someone else, there’s no guarantee the it’ll look the way you want it - and you’ll have to make the changes manually (F7, I think, is default for turning grid off, F9 for grid snap… I don’t think there’s a F-button for points on/off selected curves, but I might be wrong)

Hi Niels - the control point setting is in Options > Mouse page - make sure only one Rhino is open when you set it, just to be on the safe side.


The Osnap toolbar should remember its state - open, doecked etc. Does it not?


Thank you, Pascal and Jakob. That works.

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Oh, I forgot:

When I start Rhino, the “Osnap” is marked with bold face, but I have to click on it (“Osnap”) to see the row of tick boxes.

I am facing the same issue. Every time I open Rhino I need to set the MMB to give me context menu popup toolbar. Otherwise it defaults to Walk mode. But even with the above discussion I do not see the solution. can you help please ?