Default printwidth?

How is the “Default” printwidth defined? I cannot find the printwidths.txt file that is referred to in Rhino Help.


If I remember correctly, the “default” width is a single pixel. Normally the user will set specific print widths (in millimeters on the print) to individual layers or objects. There also is a general width setting in the Print command.

Hmm, printing on paper isn’t measured in pixels, it’s measured in real-world units like mm or inches…


Correct. That why we expect users to set it to something useful for their needs.

Yes, but how do you set the default?


Edit: Sorry John, you did explain that. It is set in the printing interface panel. Now it makes sense, every line with “Default”-width is printed with the specified width in the printing panel, all lines with their own Print Width property value, or an inherited width from a layer or parent object are printed with that width.

Just in case you need a image … here is the Printing interface panel-> Linetypes and Linewidths → Default line width setting.

Well said, Maxz! Thanks.

~Mary Ann Fugier

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Is there a way to modify the list of print widths that appear in the drop down menu in the layers tab?

For example, here is what is shown:


Is there a way to customize this to:


Thank you

Hi Taffeidt,
In Rhino for Windows you can edit a file called printwidths.txt in the Rhino support folder.
The support folder is located C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Localization<Language code>\Support

There is no support for this in Rhino for Mac, at least I can not find it right now.
I will verify and confirm with the developer and add it to the list for a future service release.

Thanks for asking.
Mary Fugier


Hey, any update on this for Mac?

Under the advance options in the rhino preferences it says the file is located at:

/Users/my-user-name/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/7.0/Support\printwidths.txt

However, that file, nor the support folder, exist in the location.