Printing width with more options

Could we have it expanded with custom width? I don’t even know how to find & edit the standard lines.
Used to be easy in V5.
Or add it to the options like linetypes and hatches.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that the print width box is not only a dropdown, you can also type in a custom value. So you can select your curves, then highlight the current value and just type in a new value (whatever you want). Unfortunately, this value is not added to the “standard” list, that list appears to be hard coded Edit: it is possible to edit this list, see post #5 below

Here’s a quickie script that allows you to set the print width of pre- or post- selected objects via the command line:

"""Sets one or more object's print width.  0==Default, <0==NoPrint"""

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import scriptcontext as sc

objs=rs.GetObjects("Select objects to apply print width",preselect=True)
if objs:
    if "CustomObjPW" in sc.sticky: prev_width=sc.sticky["CustomObjPW"]
    else: prev_width = 0
    pw=rs.GetReal("Print width?",prev_width)
    if pw is not None:
        for obj in objs:
        sc.sticky["CustomObjPW"] = pw

OMG! So obvious yet hidden feature. It is really hard to guess it’s there.

Did anyone (except you and McNeel folks) knew about it?

Can I have a py (preferred) or rvb, please?

Sure… (569 Bytes)

I actually looked in the Help and it is mentioned.


It also tells us how to modify the standard list of line widths… that one I just learned… !

:smile: Wonderful! Thanks Mitch.
PS Long time users don’t read help anymore :sweat_smile: