Add more print widths/advance settings

Hi, under the advance section of rhino’s preferences there is a setting titled


at the default location:

/Users/my-user-name/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/7.0/Support\printwidths.txt

However this file, location, nor the “Support” folder exist. And I have hidden files set to be visible.

How can I add more print widths?

Or the location where the Rhino support folder is on the Mac? I tried creating one, but without a base print width file I don’t even know where to start.

For reference I am creating a template file where I want specific print widths for each layer as I am drafting technical files, then exporting them into Illustrator, and minimizing the work in illustrator will save me a lot of time.

Hi @wosewick,
I thought this was already logged, but I could not find it. :frowning:

So I have logged:
RH-75086: Files Not Available on the Rhino for Mac: colors.txt & printwidths.txt

This post has been linked to the RH-75086.
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Currently Rhino 6 & 7 are dual license platforms. They can be run on Windows or Mac. So if you really need this feature soon, with the Rhino Account licensing, you can run your Rhino license either the Mac or Windows Rhino asynchronously.

Thanks for letting us know that you were looking for these files.
Mary Ann Fugier

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Thanks Mary!

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