Default IFC category

Is it possible to change default category of an IFC element? I have prepared a GH definition for an element, it is based on the railing category but it’s a different sort. Of course, when defining it I have assigned proper IFC tag to the element but, overall, it is treated as a railing. I didn’t want it as the VA element category because it is defined by a curve, not by a point - it is an extrusion along a curve.
Regards, Jaro

Hi Jaro,
The VisualARQ “Element” object is the only object that doesn’t have a specific ifc Category assigned. That’s why you can tag it with any ifc category. On the other hand, they can only be created from points as insert option, not curves. We are planning to change that in future versions, so an Element can be created from points, curves or even surfaces.

Unfortunately I regret to say that you cannot create your custom object (based on a path curve) through the Railing object, if you need to tag it with a different category than ifcRailing (unless you explode the object, and tag it afterwards, of course).

Which one is that ifc Category? maybe we should allow Railing objects to be tagged with specific ifc categories.

Hello Francesc,
Thank you for your reply!
Frankly, it doesn’t matter what way I can build an element as long as I can assign proper tags to it :wink: If you plan to add options for VA elements to build them with curves and surfaces, this will be a really great progress.
Cheers, Jaro