IFC export options


Is there a way to add data to these IFC categories using key/value pairs in Visual Arq?



Hi @lignindes,

The IFC Material is still not available, I added your vote for this request.

Can you detail a little bit more which are the other three?
For example, by IFC identifier do you mean IfcGloballyUniqueId?
Because this is already added to identify any entity that needs to, like the IfcProject or an IfcPropertySet among many other.

In any case with the VisualARQ custom parameters you can add data that gets exported as Property Sets to IFC. Checkout this video to learn more about custom parameters:

The parameter group name will be the name of the property set prefixed with “VaIfc_”. For example in Solibri it looks like this:


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Thanks for the reply. I’m not that familiar with IFC categories, it seems that there are 1000’s. Is this the best place to read more on the 2x3 version? Is this the best resource?


The image in the previous post is from Dietrich’s CAD/CAM’s IFC importer. Here is another image showing more information.

If VA could add this category in a future release that would be great.

I’m not sure what category this is supposed to read from. I will ask Dietrich’s.

Is reading the IFCBuildingElement. So if I’m understanding the hierarchies correctly, it seems that they are mis-using IFCIdentifier, and should instead be calling out IFCBuildingElement where we define IFCBeam, IFCColumn, etc.

I’m not sure what category this is supposed to read from, as when I read through some documentation all I can find is IFCTypeObject and not IFCObjectType. This is getting very confusing! When I open the VA generated IFC file in Solibri I see that both the ‘Type’ and ‘IFC Type’ fields are empty however. Could I request that VA populate either one of these categories natively?.

Using notepad, I opened the IFC generated by VA and found an IFCBeam. Is this pairing of the first 4 items correct? I’m just trying to understand this format a bit better.

I watched the video you sent, it’s very well done. I run some tests on adding custom parameters!



Hi @lignindes,

I don’t know how this software works, that’s why I was asking about those fields because I couldn’t understand which ones they were. Probably they are the ones that are missing in Solibri as well (Type and IFC Type).

The reason is that it seems that you are exporting just tagged geometry. If you want them to be set you should use VisualARQ objects instead.
If you have already a model with just Rhino geometry one solution is to create styles with block representation for each existing element. However you may find limitations because currently not all styles offer the option to set a block representation (like beams and walls).
We will let you know when this feature is available.

Take into account that converting them to styles by block won’t give you all the features of a native object, but at least you will get more than with just tagged geometry, like for example the IfcObject.

If for example you export a VisualARQ beam it will look like this:

Regarding the pairing of the IfcBuildingElement, it is correct. The rest are paired like below. The dollar sign represents an empty value for a parameter.

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Your answer is very helpful.

Thank you!


Can I ask how native keys/values in Rhino will be exported to IFC? not talking about special visualarq parameters

Hello @ivan.galik,

For now, you can only export custom parameters as IFC. So, if you need to export the user text attributes data, you will need to move this data to the custom parameters. You can do it with Grasshopper with the following script:

User text to custom parameters

user text to custom parameters.3dm (2.7 MB)
user text to custom parameters.gh (11.5 KB)