IFC tag assigned to a point

Hello, I wonder if it is possible to assign an IFC tag to a point when preparing a GH definition? It is a Ladybug calculation and I’d like to have a file to push it to some other designers. When I bake the results the points are not tagged with any IFC… I have bypassed the problem using surfaces, but there are lots of them, some 30000… the file is getting too big…
At the screenshot you can see the both definitions, the enabled one is for getting points but as I said, the baked points are just points…

Cheers, Jaro

Hi Jaro,
The current list of ifc categories is only available for physical objects, and Points are considered annotation objects. And actually there is no entity for a point in the IFC library, so VisualARQ exports them as “ifcGeometrySet”. On the other hand not every software reads points in IFC files.
What program do you need for reading that ifc file with points? I also wonder which category you are trying to assign to the points.

Hello Francesc,
It doesn’t have to be a point, I just need an element that I can assign an IFC tag to. I just need the element that can be located in a space and can contain some additional information. I thought points are better a bit as the file was significantly smaller.
Regards, Jaro

Well, you can assign custom parameters information to points, and as I mentioned VisualARQ exports them. But this will be useless if the program you are trying to open the file doesn’t read points within IFC files.
Using different kind of geometry such as surfaces or extrusions might be a better option although you get a significant increase of file size.

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Could you use block instanced to keep it lighter?
Can unique data be assigned to each block instance?

Yes, sure! custom parameter data can be assigned to each block instance individually. However, the ifc category assigned to a block instance will apply on the other instances of the same block definition.