Decorative Sculpture Object

Object sold in a Gallery Art (Singulart)


awesome! was this a subd part?

Hi Kyle
No, i have worked only since a simple Sphere surface.


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cool- , we need to get you rolling with projected curves, and subd multi pipe!

How did you manufacture this?

Het Was not simple.Need to choose between differents techniques and prices.
Bronze the best solution,but high price.

Finally…trying to find its ok.
( in the previous small 3D print,i have seen few bad & small movements,that were fixed after in the final model).

Not everybody have big 3D Printing machines…so…complex.

Oh wow, a bronze casting… chapeau! And then it was primed and painted with automotive paint?

Sorry but it’s hard for me to understand what you’re saying.
Here a couple of images of Multipipe-exercises…,only for a 3D model.
Sure, SubD is super-interesting, just like Multipipe,
but I didn’t understand, what you are saying (?).

The problem I have, seriously, is that I don’t always know
is “Manufacture” what one can achieve in these Programs.
Of course, going from ““Analogue to Digital, and then back again to Analogue””",
to try to Manufacture it…can be a way,
but to have Robots?, or large 3D Printers?, I don’t see it possible for small individuals.
(Of course, one can find them in Universities or Large Manufacturing Centers, but it’s not easy to access that Technology, I think).
I still think it’s very expensive.

Any idea, to try to bring that digital girl… to reality?
Interested in help, or learning.

then it can be sold surely !!!.
But at what cost?

Claudio (no money)

This Bird, I would still love to be able to do it,
but I still don’t know how? With what process?.
Yes, of course welding each pipe with another, ok… but?
(I am not a professional welder)
So here I go, looking for how, Solutions.

Of course, a File.stl to print 3d Print, in small Dimensions
It’s not a problem; but if you want something with a higher Dimension, yes, it gets quite complicated in the Manufacture.
Even more Prices, Costs.
Well, at least this is so for me.

Imagine even, if the Mesh has high resolution.

Thank you for your comment or opinion


Some artists work
with “Inox +

Polyurethane and Polyester”, and achieve a good result!
*Here are some photos of recent work shown by the artist Nick Ervinck (Belgium).
Yes, it is a multiple way seat, let’s say.

*(if I am in the photo it is only to show the scale,
I am not the author).



Thanks for sharing with us Claudio, I’d like to see more

I believe he uses Zbrush across the whole office so some guys are sitting infront of the pc for him.

He has done some terrific things with multimaterial printing and new stratasys printers

Just to say, if you want to create more of the sculptures and explore, find you a gallery in the collectible field. test materials and shapes. looks promising.