Deconstruct wall layers in order


How does the PartGeometry component decide the order in which to ‘explode’ the layers of walls? They don’t come out in an order form inside/outside or vice versa.

I found an old topic from @eirannejad that suggested to sort the distance from orientation vector, which worked. But is there an easier way, or could there be a new wall component that ‘explodes’ in order?

Also, the WallProfile component isn’t working on the basic wall in my definition.

I’m discovering new ways of working with these tools all the time, thanks for your hard work @eirannejad @kike and @scottd


This looks like related to this other topic.

Element Parts Geometry // Part Ordering - Rhino.Inside / Revit - McNeel Forum

We did some changes to the Element Parts Geometry that are on the Daily Builds channel.

Now it should output the geometry branched by layer index, this way you can combine that geometry later with layer function or layer material.

Element Parts (26.0 KB)


Looking great!

Thanks @kike.