Getting Materials within a wall (Parts)


Is it possible to get the material of a wall part.

I am able to use the ‘PartGeom’ component to get the part geometries of a wall, but I can not work out how I can get the materials of these parts.


Here is how you can get all the materials of Compound Wall Structural Layers.

That is fantastic, my only question is-- I am guessing it does not order them in their correct build up order?

It does if you go Ext, Core then Interiors. You’ll notice that Air has no thickness and isn’t going to be represented in the Geometry output.

Graft and remove the missing Path.



When i use the component- when a family has say a line within it (say a symbolic line etc) the component fails because the element is not a brep.

Would it be possible to update the node so it only tries to operate on breps.

Usually it would be fine but when it finds anything but a brep the component does not continue working for any element after the fail-
Rather than just skipping over the fail.

Otherwise fantastic!

Can you provide an example? I wouldn’t expect the Element Parts Geometry component to work in that context.

Of course,

In the image below, you will see the component fails because it tries to operate on a Line (I beleive this is a reference line- refer image 02)

When I delete the reference lines- it works fine.

I would imagine it the node should cycle over all the elements and just ignore anything that is not a brep. The issue is, if it finds a non brep, an error is thrown and the operation stops.

I see, you switched topics and are referring to a custom scripted component.

Use the native Element Geometry component and add the Category output (Zoom UI +)

My isuse is that I need to get the materials out of the geometry elements- that is why I used the sub category custom node you spoke to me before about. It is in the custom node I am getting the error.

Ssw, The material can be controlled by the object style or a parameter, a general solution isn’t available that covers all possible conditions in the native components.

Revit Geometry (11.5 KB)

Hi @Japhy

I am using the element geometry by sub category node- it usually works fine- until it throws an error when it collects a line rather than a brep- refer to my earlier post.

Please see the definition i posted above, it accounts for the model line error.

Fantastic. sorry I missed that. That extra bit of code works a treat.